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Peer Reviewed Articles using CovalX's technology

· Characterization of high molecular weight multimeric states of human haptoglobin
  and hemoglobin-based oxigen carriers by high-mass MALDI MS. 
  Pimenova, T. et al. J. Sep. Sci. 2009, 32, 1224-1230. more...
· Towards high-throughput identification of endocrine disrupting compounds with
  mass spectrometry. Bovet, C. et al. Toxicology in Vitro; 2009 AOP. more...
· Structural basis for HIV-1 DNA integration in the human genome, role of the
  LEDGF/P75 cofactor. Michel F et al. The EMBO Journal; 2009 AOP. more...
· Monitoring ligand modulation of protein-protein interactions by mass
  spectrometry: estrogen receptor Alfa-SRC1. Bovet C et al. Anal. Chem;
  2008, 80 (20), pp 7833?7839. more...
· The reaction of hydrogen peroxide with hemoglobin induces extensive
  alpha-globin crosslinking and impairs the interaction of hemoglobin with
  endogenous scavenger pathways. Vallelian F et al. Free Radical & Medicine
  45 (2008) 1150-1158. more...
· Structural properties of AMP-activated protein kinase. Dimerization, molecular
  shape, and changes upon ligand binding. Riek U et al. J. Biol. Chem; June 27
  2008; Vol. 283, No. 26, pp. 18331?18343, more...
· Structural Characterization of human general transcription factor TFIIF in
  solution. Akashi S et al. Protein Science; 2008; 17:1-12. more...
· Characterization of antibody-antigen interactions: Comparison between
  surface plasmon resonance measurements and high-mass matrix assisted
  laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry. Bich C et al. Anal. Biochem;
  2008; 375:35-45. more...
· Epitope mapping on bovine prion protein using chemical cross-linking and
  mass spectrometry. Pimenova et al. J. Mass Spectrom; 2008; 43:185-195. more...
· Proteomic Profiling of a Snake Venom Using High Mass Detection MALDI-TOF
  Mass Spectrometry - Yanes O et al. JASMS; 2007; 18(4); 600-606. more...
· Detection of non-covalent complexes in biological samples by intensity fading
  and high-mass detection MALDI ToF mass spectrometry. Yanes O et al. J.
  Proteom. Research; 2006; 5:10; 2711-2719. more...
· Immunoassays with direct mass spectrometric detection. Nazabal et al. Anal.
  Chem; 2006; 78(11); 3562-3570. more...
Oral and Poster presentations
HUPO Conference, Oct 6-10, 2007, Seoul, S. Korea
MALDI-MS Protein characterization: benefits from dedicated high mass detector versus
standard MCP.
  Benoit Plet, Ryan Wenzel, Susanne Kern, Alexis Nazabal and Renato Zenobi
SFSM Conference, Sept 17-20, 2007, Pau, France
Caracterisation de proteines par MALDI : avantages d’une detection Haute Masse dediee
sur une detection standard de type MCP.
  Benoit Plet, Ryan Wenzel, Susanne Kern, Alexis Nazabal and Renato Zenobi
ASMS Conference, June 3-7, 2007, Indianapolis, USA
Therapeutic protein aggregates: Direct analysis by chemical cross-linking and High-Mass
  Alexis Nazabal and Ryan Wenzel

Quantitative comparison of sensitivity and saturation for MALDI-TOF detectors when measuring complex
and high mass samples
  Ryan J. Wenzel, Susanne Kern, Alexis Nazabal and Renato Zenobi

Epitope mapping on bovine prion protein using chemical cross-linking and mass spectrometry
  Tatiana Pimenova; Alexis Nazabal; Bernd Roschitzki; Jan Seebacher; Oliver Rinner;
Renato Zenobi

Characterization of Monoclonal Antibodies: Surface Plasmon Resonance or Highmass MALDI
Mass Spectrometry?
  Claudia Bich, Alexis Nazabal, Ryan Wenzel, Mike Scott and Renato Zenobi

(Oral) Intact estrogen receptor complexes measured by chip-based nanoelectrospray
and MALDI mass spectrometry: an approach to identify and classify endocrine disruptors
  Cedric Bovet; Arno Wortmann; Marc Ruff; Sylvia Eiler; Florence Granger; Alexis Nazabal;
Ryan Wenzel; Bertran Gerrits; Dino Moras; Renato Zenobi
ASMS Conference, June 3-7, 2007, Indianapolis, USA
(Oral) Structure Analysis of Human Transcription Factor TFIIF in Solution
  S. Nagakura, S. Yamamoto, Y. Ohkuma, Y. Nishimura, S. Akashi
ABRF Conference, April 2-5, 2007, Tampa, USA
Protein Complex Analysis by chemical cross-linking and High-Mass MALDI Mass Spectrometry
  Alexis Nazabal and Ryan Wenzel
USGEB Computational Biology Conference, March 13-14, 2007, Basel, Switzerland
Software tool for the automatic stoichiometric analysis of data generated by highmass MALDI
spectrometric measurement of intact protein complexes
  Andreas Panagiotidis, Claudia Bich, Alexis Nazabal, Ryan Wenzel, Ruedi Aebersold,
Markus Mueller
ASMS Conference, June 2-6, 2006, Seattle, USA
Super-Shifting: A new method for the analysis of protein complexes using High-Mass MALDI
ToF mass spectrometry
  Alexis Nazabal, Markus Schlumberger, Wolf Dietrich Hardt and Renato Zenobi

Comparison of Sensitivity and Saturation of MALDI-TOF Detectors for High Mass Ions
  Ryan J. Wenzel, Susanne Kern and Renato Zenobi